I first worked on memory, trace and landscape. Based on historical facts, I observed how the memory of great events was transmitted from generation to generation and how it was translated into the landscape. I explored these questions as I explored these mediums: engraving, lithography, screen printing, photography…

By observing the landscape, I realized that it was essentially under the prism of light that I was looking at and recording it. I began to realize the importance I gave to light in my practice, in an unconscious way. The fact that I have been practicing analog photography for about ten years has forged my eye and got it used to counting, calculating light. It was through photography that I first began to tell stories through light.

My practice is also in the performing arts. After several creative experiences in scenography and lighting, I have continued and further developed my knowledge in lighting design. The stage has allowed me to see and consider other aspects of this medium as well as its narrative and poetic potential.

After a time more focused on the performing arts, I returned to the visual arts with the research project of working with and on light, no longer as a simple medium, but also as a subject of creation. While I have worked in sculpture, drawing, photography and video, my current practice focuses on immersive installation. I work to create environments, between scenic and plastic arts, whose immateriality carries meaning. I mainly use light and sound as tools of a new narrativity.